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Service Charges & Terms 
Customer pays    Call out fee + Labour + parts + GST

Call out fee ( distance from East Tamaki)
Onsite call out fee           00 - 20km - $40
Onsite call out fee           21 - 50km - $50
Onsite call out fee          over 50km - $60

Clean up Service: 

Small/Basic Faxes: $45 Flat Rate
Plain Paper & above: $60 Flat Rate
Thermal Faxes, Inkjet/Dot Matrix Printers: $60flat rate,  min charge $30
Plain Paper Faxes, Laer Printers, Computers: $70flat rate,  min charge
$40 Laptops, Network : $90 flat rate ,  min charge $40

If No fault is found :  minimum charge applies
If machines are not fixed : No labour charge, only call out fee applies

Parts:  Technician will quote price

Repair labour     :  2 months  labour for the same fault 
Clean up labour  : 7 days
Parts warranty   :  6 months parts warranty

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